San Diego California

San Diego is teeming with talent when it comes to performing arts, and there are regular presentations within the county that aims to showcase that.

Such talent is even more harnessed by studios like the Academy of Performing Arts in San Diego. “The Academy of Performing Arts San Diego (APASTUDIOS) has been committed to offering the best instruction available in the performing arts since 1993.  We provide all of the training necessary for the aspiring performing artist to succeed as well as offering classes for those interested in the performing arts for enjoyment. Everyone is welcome!” Check out the APA Studio’s official website here.

The San Diego Union Tribune featured the San Diego Opera in one of its articles meant to inform performing arts fans of the latest in the theatre scene in the county. It specifically described the Opera’s performance of “La Traviatta.” “The lush production, which director/designer Marta Domingo first created for L.A. Opera, moves Giuseppe Verdi’s musical tale of the dying Parisian courtesan forward from the 1850s to the roaring 1920s. The re-setting is artfully explained in pantomime during the overture, where a shy, conservatively dressed young woman arrives in the big city and is reluctantly seduced by a passing stranger. As she’s dragged away by the man, she sees her later self, a sexy flapper with bobbed hair and short skirt who has become a seducer of wealthy men — a modern courtesan who lives for excitement in the free-wheeling era.” Read the continuation of the article here. meantime lists various theatre arts performing venues in and around in San Diego, CA. The Balboa Theatre is one of the venues that they named. “Balboa Theater is a performing arts venue in downtown San Diego. Switch up your movie theater routine! Check out a play at Balboa Theater Gaslamp with your family and friends. When you’re in the mood to enjoy the arts, San Diego Balboa Theater is a great place to go – whether you’re on a date or an outing with family or friends. Balboa Theater offers great seats throughout the entire house so that you’ll be able to easily see the entertainment wherever you’re sitting. Balboa Theater invites you to enjoy San Diego entertainment at it’s finest.” More on the article here.

San Diego indeed has an exciting Performing Arts scene. With its many venues, state of the art performance areas, mutli-talented performers, one is indeed bound to find the show that he will definitely enjoy.

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